Head Coach


Laurel Kennedy

Level 5 High Performance Coach and National Trampoline Judge, Level 3 Double Mini Trampoline Coach, Level 1 Gymnastics Coach, Level 4 Cheerleading Coach

Laurel started off in Artistic gymnastics and moved into trampolining at the age of 12 years… by 14 she was in the National Squad. Achievements include 3rd Great Britain Nationals 1979 and 2nd Great Britain Nationals 1980. She gave up in this year and left trampolining for around 6 yrs, when she returned for exercise, she still competed along with her sister and brother … even entering and winning a Quad competition… At this time her heart lay in coaching and for the last 25 yrs she has dipped in and out of coaching, along with living in America and having two children, Jordan and Jessica. In late 2003, she returned to Flitecrew, the club she had helped start and name. She is keen to develop trampolining within the Sussex County, and to create a Club the children/parents and coaches are very proud of, and love to belong to. Laurel has recently brought Cheerleading into the Flitecrew armoury, haven taken course with her daughter Jordan, they both are qualified up to international level and are excited to see cheerleading take off!




Shelly Garratt

Senior Coach, County Judge

Shelly, as she is more widely known is Laurel’s sister and like Laurel, started off in Gymnastics and then moved on to Trampolining way back in 1979. Initially she bounced for Crawley Trampoline Club and then moved on to Sussex Martlets in Worthing. Shelly and Laurel were coached by their Dad, Barry, and together with their brother they would travel the length and breadth of the country to compete in competitions. Shelly says she never made the medals at National level but she qualified several times and the biggest achievement she most remembers, now, is doing a double back somersault in competition in 1980. The worst thing that she remembers is driving from Sussex to Newcastle upon Tyne and not being able to do the first move of the Set routine!! Like Laurel she stopped and started trampolining over the next few years but has always been drawn back to it. It is a sport that she loves and coaching the children and seeing them progress really inspires her.



Lisa Temple

Level 2 Coach

Lisa began trampolining at 9 years old where she competed all over London and The South East. In 1988, she decided to become a coach to widen her trampoline career. Around 1990 she met Laurel and competed with her, along with Shelly Garratt, at Flitecrew and she remembers in their last season as a team they won all competitions together and then they all retired! She came back to Flitecrew in 2006 with her three children who all joined Flitecrew and it wasn’t long before Laurel had her coaching! She says she is proud to say she can still throw a few somersaults some 30 years after 1st learning them!!


Jordan Kennedy

Level 2 coach, County Judge, Level 4 Cheerleading coach

Jordan started walking at 7 months old and her mother, Laurel, knew she would be an athletic girl. She started gymnastics when she was 4 years old and eventually got to national level winning team gold and team bronze at national finals. She has always done trampolining from the age of 5 winning her first ever competiton, but when Jordan gave up gymnastics at 12 she started trampolining more seriously with her mother and head coach Laurel as her coach. Since then she is still currently a National level gymnast with 2 National titles and many national medals, she also placed 5th at the David Ward Hunt international with many other countries. Jordan is a role model to all the younger children in the club and is always eager to inspire and help. She became a judge at 15 years and expanded her coaching by taking the level 1 course at 16 years old.  Since then, Jordan has enrolled to taken her Level 2 coaching course and both Jordan and Laurel have taken many cheerleading courses have launched Flitecrew Infinity Cheer club which is the newest adventure Jordan is taking up!


Emily Roche

Level 2 coach, County Judge

Emily began trampolining at a young age, she has competed both regionally and nationally all over the country with Laurel being her coach. Over the years Emily has placed highly in many competitions, her best memories are competing at the NIA Arena in Birmingham for British Championships. Since then she has one numerous medals at national competitions such as The Trampoline League where she placed 3rd in the country. Her biggest achievement is becoming a National Champion in 2014 with synchro partner Jordan Kennedy. Emily continues to train every now and then but has switched her focus onto coaching, she is a Level 2 coach but has just started the Level 3 course.


 Erin Macdonald

Level 2 coach

Erin started trampolining at a recreational level, after being spotted for having a talent she joined flitecrew very soon after joining the competitive side of trampolining. Erin has since become a level 2 coach and continues to train along side this. She regularly competes at regional and national competitons such as The Trampoline League and British Gymnastics NDP pathway. In the future Erin aspires to take her level 3 coaching course and compete at another National final!




Holly Denman

Level 2 coach

Holly started trampolining when she was 11 years old at a recreational class. After one year she joined Flitecrew taking a more competitive view at trampolining, and has competed for flitecrew for over 5 years. In 2013, she became Regional Champion in the first Regional Finals held in Exeter. She has since been competing at the National League and Regional events. At 16 Holly took her level 1 coaching course and has recently just taken her level 2, she is hoping to develop her coaching skills further in the future!




Sarah Purnell

Level 2 coach

Sarah only started Trampolining when she was 12, finding it only as a result of needing to find a form of aerobic exercise to complement her netball and hockey team training. At age 16 Sarah started working at the local sport centre and at age 18 Sarah went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study an HND in Business Studies with a diploma in sports coaching. Through working at the sport centre it was obvious that trampoline instructors were in high need and as it was one of my loves in life, it made sense to undertake my trampoline qualifications as part of my university studies. After Completing her HND, Sarah followed it with completing a Degree in Business Sport and Recreation Studies. Her life has been rolled around local leisure centres for the last 23 years, coaching trampolining all the way through this time. Her 3 children Owen, Jacob and Morgan have all enjoyed the sport from a very young age, with Morgan now competing for Flitecrew Trampolining and Cheer Club. He is loving every minute of it, thanks to the clubs amazing team spirit, family ethos, high standards, organisation, dedicated and professional coaching team.


Tracy Harris

Level 1 Assistant Coach

Tracy started coaching with Flitecrew as a parent volunteer in 2014. She has two daughters who love trampolining and their time spent at training and competitions. Tracy took the Level 1 Course and, after much hard work, passed the course in early 2016. She mainly coaches at the training sessions on Saturdays. Tracy enjoys coaching children of all ages and abilities. She is keen to help the younger children and newer trampolinists to develop good technique in some of the more basic skills. She also loves the challenge of helping the older and more advanced trampolinists to hone their skills and improve their performance. She always leaves a training session feeling mentally exhausted!! She is mostly passionate about helping children to enjoy their trampolining as she firmly believes that sport, and trampolining with Flitecrew in particular, is a wonderful way to ensure that children develop confidence, resilience, a sense of identity and belonging. Achieving new things in a challenging environment can give children a physical, emotional and mental boost, which they take with them through the rest of their lives. Tracy is a fully qualified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She brings her knowledge of the workings of the body, mind and emotional intelligence to her trampoline coaching.


Nikki Sixsmith

Level 1 coach

After spending several years watching her daughter train, Nikki joined the Flitecrew team as a parent volunteer and qualified as a Level 1 Coach in 2015. Nikki is also a qualified Massage Therapist and combines her in depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology with her coaching to help trampolinists understand how their muscles and bodies work and the impact this has on the various types of moves they are doing. Nikki finds coaching very rewarding and loves to see the smile on a performers face the first time they master a new skill or when they successfully complete their first routine.